Blair takes All Lures title and Club Championship.                   Dunn takes Junior Championship 

                                                Junior All Lures title goes to Alicia McKimm                                                                                                                      


Last Updated 23/09/17
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Poaching    What can I do?

Carry your permit at all times.
Display your Parking Permit.
If you see poaching taking place contact the police immediately(Greenock Police 101).
Note a description of the persons involved.
Note a vehicle registration number (and double-check this if possible; it is amazing how often the number is noted wrongly in the heat of the moment)

Don't tackle the poachers though if you have the opportunity have a good look at them as you may be shown photographs of suspects later by the police
Don't go trampling over ground where the poachers have been; you may be destroying evidence.

Club Waters

Lower Loch Gryffe, Harelaw and Knocknair Reservoirs.
Port Glasgow Angling Club
Instituted 1904